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Group Runs

Group Runs occur all year round and are free to members. Our group runs cater for runners of all ages and abilities, although runners aged under 18 years should be accompanied by a parent or guardian.




TTS meets for group runs from 6:30 am to 7:30 am on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at Lennox Gardens, Flynn Drive in Yarralumla and from 7:00 am to ~ 8:30 am on Saturdays at varying locations around Canberra. Generally, there will be a group breakfast at a local coffee shop after the Saturday run.

Autumn schedule 2024 (PDF) here.

For more information on TTS runs contact You can also sign up for the TTS newsletter here.

Sunday Runners


Sunday Runners meets at 7:30 am on Sunday mornings at varying locations around Canberra for a 60 minute out and back run followed by a group breakfast after.

During Summer (from December to February), Sunday Runners will move to the earlier timeslot of 7:00 am.

For more information on Sunday Runners join the Sunday Runners Facebook Group or contact You can also sign up for the Sunday Runners newsletter here.